Subaru Aftermarket DENSO DST-i

How to obtain a Subaru Aftermarket DENSO DST-i Vehicle Diagnostics Kit and Subaru Select Monitor (SSM) Diagnostics Software

  • Nuspire has been authorized by Subaru Corporation to sell and distribute the DENSO DST-i vehicle diagnostics kit and the associated Subaru Select Monitor diagnostics software to Aftermarket businesses located within North America (USA and Canada).
  • The hardware components within the kit include the DENSO DST-i box (including a 4GB SD Card that is already inserted in the slot to store test results), a Data Link Cable (DLC) that connects the DENSO to the vehicle under the dashboard, a USB cable to connect the DENSO to the laptop that you will register with the Denso unit, a Grounding Cable, a set of 4-channel Oscilloscope Probes with Adapter and a USB Strengthening Adapter. The price for the DENSO DST-i kit hardware described above is $3,500.00 USD. *** Get a 20% discount when purchasing 10 or more units! ***
  • The Subaru Select Monitor (SSM) diagnostics software is sold separately as a 12-month subscription service. Approximately every three months, Subaru releases a new version of their diagnostics code. To download the SSM software, you will receive an email with instructions within 1 hour following your successful purchase. The price for a 12-month subscription to the SSM software is $2,900.00 USD.
The physical hardware components within the kit and the functionality of the SSM diagnostics software are the same as what a standard Subaru retailer uses in their service operation.

Nuspire accepts credit card payments for the DENSO DST-i kit and SSM Software. Please click on one of the three purchase options to initiate the purchase process.

*** Please note that Nuspire is a distributor to the Aftermarket for the DENSO DST-i and the SSM software on behalf of Subaru Corporation. As such, there is no ongoing end-user support on the use of the device when repairing vehicles ***

*** The DENSO DST-i device and accessories, SSM software license and activation codes are nonreturnable and non-refundable regardless of circumstance ***

***All Subaru Aftermarket transactions will be processed in US dollars***

*** To view the Subaru Aftermarket Terms and Conditions, please click: Terms & Conditions ***

Should you desire to discuss any aspect of this process, you may call 248-896-6150 then select option 0, or send an email to and we will be happy to assist.

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Denso Diagnostic Tool (Hardware Only)
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Subaru Select Monitor (SSM) diagnostics software with 1 year of software updates

Bundled Denso Diagnostic Hardware Tool and Subaru Select Monitor (SSM) diagnostics software with 1 year of software updates

  • DENSO DST-i Kit

    Main DENSO DST-i Unit
    Datalink Cable
    Oscilloscope Probe
    4-Channel Adapter Kit w/probes
    Ground Cable
    USB Cable
    USB Spacer
    SD Memory Card
    DENSO Instruction Manual